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Work done by students occupies an important place at the Polish Naval Academy. First and second cycle students have their Students' Self-Government, which subject legal regulations, represents students at the Academy and Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

To make the voice of the student community strong, heard and able to influence the course of events at the Academy the students elect their representatives to the Presidium of Students’ Self-Government which is active in six official bodies (commisions). Thanks to this they become respected co-hosts of the Polish Naval Academy.

Work oh the Students Self-Government is a big challenge and a wonderful adventure. This is a perfect way to actively get involved in the life of the Academy. Its active members can implement their ideas, exhibit their inventiveness, and at the same time gain experience no internship can provide.

The students can develop their own individual research-oriented interests through attending ten scientific clubs located at all faculties of the Academy. Commitment of advisory assistant encourages the young people to active participation in their work and help win prizes in the "Red Rose" contest. Additionally the students have opportunities to develop their talents and practical skills in six interest clubs cooperating with the Polish Naval Academy Club.

An important expression of student activity is participation in sports possiblities. There are eleven clubs and teams within the Club of the Academic Sports Association of the Polish Naval Academy. The maritime orientation of the Academy does not mean that the Club embraces exclusively water sports clubs and teams. But the fact is that each year the Academy wins gold and siIver medals in sailing and swimming competitions in Poland and abroad, The field and track athletics club; vo!ley-ball club, basketball club and shooting club also involve the students in worthy efforts.

The academic youths are actively inyolved in all aspects of community life, getting engaged in activities to help the poor and people in need. This can be noticed in the academic diary where listed are functrons like "Present a smile to children" on St Nicolas Day, money collecting and auctions for the Great Orchestra for Christmas Charity or honorary blood donation (event called "Young blood saves life”). Each year the Academy is on top in donating the highest amount of blood per one student.

The Academy’s authorities create conditions favorable for developing student self-governance while the academy’s students, through educational, research and community-oriented activities make full use of the privileges granted to them.

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