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The Polish Naval Academy is a research and development center for the Polish Navy and other organizations linked to the defense and national security. The research problems are selected so as to shape scientific specialties of the Academy in connection with plans for development of the Polish Navy as well as with the process of technical modernization of ships, weapons systems and equipment.

The Academy has, unique in the country, research and development teams whose area of activity covers mostly the maritime environ­inem. A wide range of scientific investigations causes the results obtained to be of utiiversal character, which leads to implementing them in the maritime economy, the industry and environment protection.

Several research projects conducted at the Polish Naval Academy are focused on modern maritime and defense technologies. State policies aimed at developing ties between science and industries encourage the Academy to establish close cooperation with industrial companies, which should result in transferring advanced technologies to the industries. Such activities pave the way to the most effective use economic and social potential of the Polish Naval Academy. The most important achievement in this area is the implementation of "Container - Based Rescue and Medicinal Hyperbaric Set”. In execution of an order placed by the Polish Navy PBUCH, Cooling Systems Company from Gdynia, in cooperation with the Polish Naval Academy is making a series of hyperbaric sets. Their production is based on the design worked out under the research project codenamed "Sercówka” carried out by Department of Underwater Work Technologies.

Expertise of the scientific workers of Polish Naval Academy can bring about measurable benefits. However, new solutions haveto be quickly implemented, which is possibile only when cooperation between science and Industries in efficient. The effective cooperation between the Academy and industry is stimulated by the mechanism, created by Ministry of Scien­ce and Higher Education, of jointly undertaken R&D efforts focused on further implementation of their results. It is only consortia composed of representatives of these two groups that can be entrusted with such projects. The Academy along with other higher schools and industrial companies actively participates in research ef­forts in support of Defense and Security.

As a result of R&D activity, recently the Polish Naval Academy has recorded several practical achievements. They are as follows:

  • Demonstrator of technology for sjgnal analysis of selected cellular and satellite communication systems.

  • Multidimensional integrated system for harbor monitoring and protection.

  • Integrated system used to plan perimetric monitoring and protection of harbors and critical faciIities based on autonomous unmanned floating platforms.

  • Methodology for underwater work in su­pport of an off-shore rig.

  • Modernization of IDA apparatus designed for submarine crews.

  • Participation in modernization of rescue ships.

  • Development of mobile diving system (MOBNUR).

  • Development of a system to monitor composition of atmosphere aboard sub­marine.

Development of an electronic dedicated chart of Polish maritime areas to be used by maritime authorities to control vessel traffic.

The Polish Naval Academy has also been awarded the following patents:

  • No. P-369 014 - Single-layer coating that damps and dissipates wayes.

  • No. P-369 375 - Non-contact method used to identify technical conditon of marine propulsion system.

No. 210 665 - A devfce for testing dynamic properties construction materials. especially metals, plastics and modified wood.

Equipment made for armed forces requires special defense and security-related (DS) certificates confirming that technical requirements are met. There are only a few establishments that are authorized to control and certify such products. In the whole country there are nine of them. Last academic year the Laboratory of Fundamentals of Technology, Institute of Fundamentals of Machine Building, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Polish Naval Academy received a DS accreditation covering faying surfaces of submarines as well as armored and protective shields.

The Polish Naval Academy maintains- scientific cooperation with abroad centers. It is the result of cooperation with European Space Agency and European Defense Agency. At present it is conducting a research project together with European Space Agency titled "Formalized Model for Measurement Availability Assessment EGNOS with Defined Accuracy Level". As for the research activities being done with European Defense Agency. they are dedicated to signatures of commercial and naval ships. The latest intemational project supported by the European Union, in which the Polish Naval Academy is participating along with another 10 countries, is the research project: "Chemical Ammunition - Search and Assessment”.

The achievements mentioned above are only a few selected key examples of R&D projects carried out in the Polish Naval Academy.

The R&D activity is followed by publications. The research and didactic wofkers of the Academy publish the results of their scientific investigations in the forms of monographs, tex books and research papers.The official journal presenting the scientific output of the Academy's workers is "Zeszyty Naukowe" AMW published for over fifty six years.


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