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The National Day of Qatar

The National Day of Qatar falls On Sunday, the 18th of December. The Ambassador of Qatar in Poland, Saif MIDHADIM, invited the representatives of Polish Naval Academy together with the Rector-Commandant the Qatarian cadets to the occasional event, which had place the 7th of December 2016 in the Sheraton hotel in Warsaw.

The  December 18th Qatar celebrates his National Independence Day. In his history Qatar was two times under annexations: from 1872 to 1916 he became included to Turkey, from 1916 to 1971 he was under Great Britain protectorate. Given limited guarantees of the safety, the sheikh of Qatar obliged not to keep diplomatic relations with any of dominant power without agreement of British government. The successor of the throne sheikh Chalifa ibn Hamad announced the full independence of the Qatar on  September the 1th, 1971. Two days later the arrangement with Great Britain lost his validity, and Qatar became an sovereign country. The same month Qatar was established a member of the United Nations Organization. In 2015, 10 cadets from Qatar became students of Polish Naval Academy on 1st degree studies, major in Border Guard. Among diplomatic and politic representatives of the world guests there was also invited Irena Szewińska-polish Olympic medalist, who won 7 Olympic medals (3 gold).

The celebrations of the National Independence Day of Qatar at Polish Naval Academy will take place on Monday, December 19th  at 08.00 as a formal assembly.

Cadet`s Day

On November, the 29th the solemn assembly took place in Polish Naval Academy as the anniversary of the November Uprising, starting the academic celebrations of the Cadet`s Day. During the ceremony military students symbolically took over the command of the Academy.  The honorable Rector function took cadet Andrzej Angel.

There were honorary guests invited: the Inspector of Polish Navy Rear Admiral Mirosław Mordel, Vice-Admiral Stanisław Zarychta, Commanding Officer of the 3rd  Flotilla of Ships Rear Admiral Krzysztof Jaworski, who was nominated on the degree by the President Polish Republic Andrzej Duda couple of hours earlier.

During the ceremony the best military students were distinguished for achievements in science, sport, social activity and worthy representation of Polish Naval Academy. Flowers were laid under the monument of the Heroes of Westerplatte.

Further celebrations of Cadet`s Day will take place on Dec. the 2nd. It will start with the elevation of the state flag with the honorable personnel of the school battalion after which a meeting with the Rector-Commandant  is planned. Later on the Sport Championships will begin about the Honorable Rector Cup. The traditional Cadet Ball will be the culmination of the holiday.

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