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Specialist shipbuilding practice in Saab shipyard

On 2-6 of October 2017 students  of IV year of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Bartłomiej BRONIEWICZ, Jamal HAMOUD and Haled HAMOUD served the specialist shipbuilding practice in Saab shipyard named Kockums in Karlskrona. The practice is the result of the co-operation of Saab firm and Akademia Marynarki Wojennej in Gdynia.

During the practice the students not only talked through theory, but also acquainted themselves with the modern technologies of building, modernization and the repairs of ships. They simply worked on different positions.

The students showed excellent education from akdemia Marynarki Wojennej in Gdynia. Knowing English fluently, they were able to discuss technical aspects of the works.

Swedish partner took care about the unusually wide spectre of passed knowledge, and also - on student`s request –conducted additional training from CAD and CAE. While training students showed very wide knowledge of the matter.

The students got excellent opinion from the practice guardian Johan Granholm, who said:

„It was a pleasure to have the students with us, and they made a very good impression on all they met. They have a very high level of knowledge, and a great interest to learn new things.”

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Sea Economy Forum

Eyes of the representatives of the sea trade from whole Poland were directed on Gdynia the last Friday, Oct 13th.All because of the yearly Sea Economy Forum in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park which attracted hundreds experts from the country and quests from abroad.

Among others the speech gave Ian Shepherd, the representative of the management of the general European Committee of sea economy and fishery. His lecture met with the large interest from national experts. Marek Gróbarczyk, the minister of sea economy and inland navigation and prof. doctor hab. Andrzej Koźmiński from Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego in Warsaw were also present.                                                                                                                    

The discussion during the forum was divided on four panels: sea logistics, ship management, sea harbours and sea industries. Several prominent experts participated in every one. There was also the possibility of asking questions. The traditional point of the forum was handing over prizes for innovative activities in the sea economy in Poland. The winners were: Redecorating LNG Systems, Des Art, Redecorating Shipbuilding and Shipyard Crist. The individual prize were given to  Zbigniew Miodowski,  the president of the firm Zink Power from Szczecin.

For the first time this the year was also admitted the prize of Polish Ships Administrators Union for the best graduate of the Sea Academy in our country. The prize – the cheque on 10 000 PLN – was given to Adrian Groman, the graduate of the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons in Akadamia Marynarki Wojennej in Gdynia. He was also given free participation in cadetship programme.

-Handing over this distinction we begin new, very valuable initiative – says Ireneusz Kuligowski, the president of Polish Ships Administrators Union - We want to encourage young people to receive the excellent education, connected with work at sea. They have to understand, that their career does not end on conquest of the officer authorizations, if even the captain. They can achieve much more in the future.

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CIOR Language Academy

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) is the originator and supervises the courses of official English and French languages obligatory in NATO. The project originated  in 2000, when first states of the former Warsaw Pact were included into NATO coalition and it emerged, that the officers from the Eastern Block do not use NATO languages. In 2001 first group of 11 reserve officers from Poland participated in such project in Czech Hradec Kralove. The organizer of this group – Naval Officer Marek Krotowicz tried to adapt this project in Poland and so the year later with the approval of the Rector of Polish Naval Academy Cpt. (N) prof. A. Komorowski and  the Prorector for didactics Cpt. (N) prof. A. Felski the first Linguistic Academy started in Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia. The project has been executing by reserve officers in many countries. In seventeen-year-old history it already took place in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey, Estonia, The Czech Republic, Moldavia and Poland. This year`s edition came to Gdynia for the third time. Good organizing of the previous courses resulted this year in unexpected frequency which is the largest in the history. There are over hundred participants from 19 countries not only a NATO members, but also a Partnership for Peace program.

Today the Linguistic Academy started with a greeting from Prorector for education Cpt. (N) Assoc. Prof. Dariusz Bugajski. Then, in the name of the Federation of Polish Reservists and Veterans Associations spoke Col. Cert. Zdzisław Przeszłowski and the last but not least the greeting word gave the Manager of Teaching Committee of CIOR, Col. Stanislas de Magnienville. The participants are facing two weeks of hard work, but considering that the teachers are reserve officers English and French native speakers, the hard work is a real worth. After the course volunteers will have the opportunity to pass STANAG 6001 exams level 2 and 3.  

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Arabic Culture Day

On Wednesday, May 24th,  Polish Naval Academy was celebrating an Arabic Culture Day to honor all Arabic students that are studying at the Academy and also to familiarize all academic community with the students.The event started with a lecture form two ex-ambassadors form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Also, there was a small exposition about the history of Arabic horses in Poland.During the coffee break guests could see an exhibition about the horses and also admire some pictures from private collection of our students. Also there was an original Arabic coffee and some sweets for tasting. After the break our students from all three countries: Kuwait, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave a presentation about their countries, culture, religion, military, customs and a regular day-by day life.The event ended at our canteen, where everybody could taste a traditional Arabic dishes prepared for real Arabic cooks especially for the Day. 

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Visit of  Polish clerical Moslem

On Thursday, April the 6th  Polish Naval Academy held a visit of  Polish clerical Moslem Tomasz Miśkiewicz – the Mufti of the Moslem Religious Relationship at the Republic of Poland. First, Mufti gave an open lecture about  the history of Tatars and Muslims in Poland. After a lunch break Mufti met with foreign students. His Holiness gave a sermon in Arabic about 500 years of Islam on Polish lands and a restoration of Tatar religious parish after 1989 year.

Also, cadets were given some instructions about how to combine cadet`s duties with religious ones. Mufti also appealed for obeying the law of country of residence encouraging cadets to visit the Mosque in Gdansk.

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National Day of Kuwait

On 20th February at 0800 hrs, the community of the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia participated in the solemn assembly on the occasion of the National Day of Kuwait. In order to celebrate the National Day of Kuwait, the flags of Kuwait and the Republic of Poland were raised, the community heard national anthems and there was read the occasional order. Words of praise towards the Kuwait cadets directed Rector-Commandant Capt Prof. Tomasz Szubrycht. 

On 25th February, Kuwait celebrates its National Day. This is an excellent opportunity to describe the history of this country. Kuwait has been ruled by the AL-SABAH dynasty since the 18th century. The threat of Ottoman invasion in 1899 prompted Amir Mubarak AL-SABAH to seek protection from Britain, ceding foreign and defense responsibility to Britain until 1961, when the country attained its independence. Kuwait was attacked and overrun by Iraq on 2nd August 1990. Following several weeks of aerial bombardment, a US-led UN coalition began a ground assault on 23th February 1991 that liberated Kuwait in four days. Kuwait spent more than $5 billion to repair oil infrastructure damaged during 1990-91. The AL-SABAH family returned to power in 1991 and established one of the most independent legislatures in the Arab World.

Today our Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia had possibility to celebrate for the second time in the history, the National Day of Kuwait. It was celebrated in a special way at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia, as 15 cadets of the second year continue their military studies and 37 cadets from Kuwait have started their studies on the first year. Despite many differences between our countries, we surely share the love for the sea and country.

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Space and satellite technologies – a new intercollegiate course

Starting from the summer semester of the academic year 2016/2017 we will begin education on the new course of the full-time second degree studies – Space and Satellite Technologies (TKiS). This is the intercollegiate course run in cooperation of Tri-City three universities: Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University and the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia.

Recruitment process for that course will be conducted simultaneously at 4 faculties in all those three universities – at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at Gdańsk University of Technology, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology, at the Faculty of Electronics at Gdynia Martime Univeristy and at the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations and the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia.

Each of these faculties will offer their candidates and will conduct special education in case of certain speciality. Faculty of Command and Naval Operations will conduct education on that course in speciality Space and satellite applications in security systems (AKiSwSB). For each of the speciality classes will be held on all three universities, when the graduates of AKiSwSB speciality will receive a degree from the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations at the Polish Naval Academy.

Poland's Strategic Concept for Maritime Security

On 10th February at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia the authorities have presented the Poland’s Strategic Concept for Maritime Security (SCMS). In the document, prepared by a task force working at the National Security Bureau (NSB), there has been presented, among others, the vision of Polish Naval Forces, including Polish Navy. The presentation took place at the conference organized by the Naval Academy and the National Security Bureau and it was dedicated to maritime security of the Republic of Poland.

SCMS consists of four parts devoted to the marine environment, maritime forces of the Republic of Poland, directions of development of their capacities and recommendations for their development. It is complemented with two appendices devoted to the legal order of the seas and oceans and the characteristics, international legal status and geopolitical situation in the Baltic Sea.

The strategic concept was developed by a task force, working since February 2016, led inicially by the Deputy Head of the NSB, Jarosław Brysiewicz and then replaced in November 2016 by Dariusz Gwizdała. The task force also consisted of Capt Prof. Tomasz Szubrycht, Rector-Commandant of the Polish Naval Academy, Capt (Ret) Prof. Andrzej Makowski of the same Academy, (Deputy Chairman), Brigadier General Jarosław Kraszewski, Director of the Armed Forces Supervision Department in NSB, three members of the think-tank Ships Building Council (Rada Budowy Okrętów): Cdr (Ret) Maciej Janiak, LtCdr (Ret) Cezary Cierzan and Szymon Hatłas (Secretary of the team and President of Gen. Józef Haller Institute), Sławomir Kamiński, D.Sc. and Agnieszka Adamusińska (NSB).

The National Day of Qatar

The National Day of Qatar falls on Sunday, 18th December. The Ambassador of Qatar in Poland, Saif MIDHADIM, invited the representatives of the Polish Naval Academy together with the Rector-Commandant the Qatarian cadets to the occasional event, which took place on 7th December, 2016 in the Sheraton hotel in Warsaw.

On 18th December Qatar celebrates his National Independence Day. In his history Qatar was two times under annexations: from 1872 to 1916 became included to Turkey, from 1916 to 1971 was under Great Britain protectorate. Given limited guarantees of the safety, the sheikh of Qatar was obliged not to keep diplomatic relations with any of dominant power without agreement of British government. The successor of the throne sheikh Chalifa ibn Hamad announced the full independence of the Qatar on 1st September, 1971. Two days later the arrangement with Great Britain lost his validity, and Qatar became an sovereign country. The same month Qatar was established a member of the United Nations Organization. In 2015, 10 cadets from Qatar became students of the Polish Naval Academy on 1st degree studies, major in Coast Guard. Among distinguished guests from the diplomatic corps and politicians there was also invited Irena Szewińska - polish Olympic medalist, who won
7 Olympic medals (3 gold).

The celebrations of the National Independence Day of Qatar at the Polish Naval Academy took place on Monday, 19th December at 0800 hrs as a formal assembly.

Cadet`s Day

On 29th November the solemn assembly took place in the Polish Naval Academy as the anniversary of the November Uprising, starting the academic celebrations of the Cadet`s Day. During the ceremony military students symbolically took over the command of the Academy.  The honorable Rector function took cadet Andrzej Angel.

There were honorary guests invited: the Inspector of the Polish Navy Rear Admiral Mirosław Mordel, Vice-Admiral Stanisław Zarychta, Commanding Officer of the 3rd  Flotilla of Ships Rear Admiral Krzysztof Jaworski, who was promoted on the degree by the President of the Polish Republic Andrzej Duda couple of hours earlier.

During the ceremony the best military students were awarded for achievements in science, sport, social activity and worthy representation of the Polish Naval Academy. Flowers were laid under the monument of the Heroes of Westerplatte.

Further celebrations of Cadet`s Day took place on 2nd December. It started with the elevation of the state flag with the honorable personnel of the school battalion after which a meeting with the Rector-Commandant was conducted.Later on the Sport Championships was carried out about the Honorable Rector Cup. The traditional Cadet's Ball was the culmination of the holiday.

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