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The Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons is the oldest faculty of the Polish Naval Academy. Its main mission is to educate candidates for officers to perform duties in operating shipboard systems, managing watch, operating weapons systems and commanding Polish Navy ships. For the last fifteen years the Faculty has also educated civilian engineers, providing them with professional qualifications to perform officer duties on board commercial ships and in broadly understood maritime industry. The FNAW is based on four pillars: lnstitute of Navigation and Maritime Hydrography, Institute of Naval Weapons, Institute of Hydroacoustics and Department of Ship's Operation.


Education at the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons is based on the country’s civilian and military regulations and all recommendations by international conventions.

The academic staff and students have access well-equipped didactic facilities. Their most important elements include a set of ship simulators, and laboratories of : radio navigation systems, electronic navigational charts, hydrometeorology, shipboard navigational aids, ship maneuvering and automated navigation systems. There is also a planetarium.


The Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons offers post-graduate hydrography courses. These courses are addressed to people interested in innovations, who desire to perfect their knowledge and practical skills. Operation of shipboard systems, detection and identification of surface and underwater objects, ship maneuvering for ship captains and XOs, use of radar and ARPA, operation and use of ECDIS, use of IT systems supporting command processes in the Polish Navy establishments, use of multimedia presentations in planning and reporting processes in the Polish Navy, advanced information technologies in management and command are only some of the themes included in the specjalist education curricula.


The Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons conducts their own scientific activities. Its research areas include, among others, operating shipboard navigational and info-navigation systems, support for navigational and hydrographic operations.

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