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The Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as the only one faculty of this kind in Poland, for eighty seven yearshas educated officers - mechanics and electricians for service on board Pplish Navy ships. For ten years it has offered programs of study for civilian students, day-time and extramural, at first and second cycles, designed to educate engineers who can meet the broadly understood needs of the maritime industry. The Faculty is composed of five entities: Institute of Fundamentals Machine Construction, Institute of Shipboard Electronics and Automation, Department of Marine Power Plants, Department of Mathematics and Physics and Department of Underwater Work Technolo­gies. The educational and research tasks carried out in the Faculty are consistent with its scientific orientation.


The educational offer comprises three courses of study: mechanical engineering and machine building, automation and robotics, and mechatronics. All these programs are on the list of specjalty shortages on the market. Students can choose from six specialties: operating ma­rine power plants, computer use in enginee­ring, shipboard electro-automation, applied IT, operating mechatronic systems and IT in mechanics. The curricula, enriched with modern specialized teaching programs, updated to the changing conditions of work at sea, meet the requirements of education for each course and specialty. The wide offer of specialties allows the students to find attractive jobs. The Faculty has been authorized to award doctoral degrees in mechanics and machine building.

The graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering are highly valued specialists with solid theoretical knowledge and remarkable practical skills, who enjoy great confidence of employers. There is a wide range of jobs they can choose from not only on the seas of the world but also on shore in the Fields related to automation and computerization of technological processes. At prezent a large demand for highly qualified technical workers can be noticed, especially in marine specialties.


There are several laboratories and workrooms at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering where R&D projects are conducted for the national economy. Most of them are certffied and supervised by Polish Registry of Ships. Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Science and Higher Education. One of the most valuable certificates is Defense and Security Accreditation Certificate related to certification of submarine rescue faying surfaces and the Certificate of Acknowledgement with regard to ballistics concerning penetration strength of construction materials.

All the organizational cells of FMEE are involved in conducting research work and provide services in support of state security and maritime industry as well as other business establishments. Scientists from the Department of Underwater Work Technologies are active in this respect on the European scale. Conducting investigations focused on developing diver-rescue gear they literally and metaphorically make a conquest of the see deeps. They develop technologies which help do underwater works up to the depth of 120m and safely dive for civilian and military purposes. The results of their research have been utilized for many years by the Polish Navy, Lotos Potrobaltic S.A. (in exploitation of the off-shore oil deposits in the Baltic), as well as individuals, who have had accidents while diving or developed illnesses which require treatment in hypebaric chambers. Most of the R&D projects conducted are followed by implementation of their results, the example of wchich are working out methodology and developing evacuation chambers miners working in mines og KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

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