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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences educates people who are fascinated with the world around them. An extremely interesting offer of study makes it unique. At present the Institute of Political Sciences, the Institute of History and the Institute of Pedagogy offer three courses, i.e. international relations and pedagogy. The choice of the courses has been dictated by the requirements of the current job market as well as the uniqueness of the Academy which sterpls from its civilian-military status. Therefore it is possible to combine maritime and military issues and createa exceptional character of the subjects taught. As recent years have shown graduates of FHSS are perceived on the job market as people possessing a wide range of skills and capabilities.


Undoubtedly the specialties are unique. The students acquire the most up to date and desirable knowledge which will always be in demand. The course of international reIations covers the following specialties, at first and secondcycles: self-government in the European Union countries, Europe in international relations, united Europe, world regions, educational and social politics, special and police forces and security in the contemporary world. In these specialties the emphasis is placed on the issues of security and the European continent, which makes them especially attractive to people who Want to professionally deal with military and non-military threats, terrorism, asymmetric conflicts and many others related to the most current issues in international relations. Graduates of these specialties can also find jobs in EU administration, institutions and agencies as well as in other organizations on our continent. Equally attractive are specialties in the pedagogy course, such as education for defense, corrective pedagogy, social work, education for security, and care and upbringing pedagogy. They are a response to the growing demand for very well qualified workers possessing both pedagogical competences and orientation in the issues of security, corrective work and social work. Such combination seems to be highly attractive, which is proved by unabated interest in this course of study.


The best idea to gain professional knowledgeis to complete a post-graduate course offered in specialties such as: pedagogy-based career preparation, education for security, personal and classified data protection in Inter­national relations and poiitical marketing. The post-graduate courses are a perfect supplement to the very wide didactic offer of FHSS which, matched to market requirements, is constantly evolving. They are a guarantee of acquiring suitable, up to date and usefull knowledge, as well possibility of Professional development.


The educational offer of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has strong high interdisciplinary character. This is the result of broad areas of research conducted by its workers. The Institute of Political Sciences centers its attention mainly on issues related to countries in the contemporary political system, european integration, maritime regionalization and political thought. The Institute of Pedagogy deals with the issues related to intercultural education, education for the needs of the labor market, military education and upbringing and technology assisted educational systems. The Institute of History in its research deals with issues related to Pomerania as the subject of historical investigations, Balticpolitics, navy an naval thought in history of Poland as well as military-based changes in Poland with special attention placed on the military significance of Pomerania. The results of these directions in research are numerous scientific research projec carried out at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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