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 Faculty of Command and Naval Operations

The main mission of the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations is to organize and conduct educational and research activities in the field of military sciences, offering programs of study consistent with the authorization granted. The Faculty is composed of three organizational entities: Institute of Naval Operations, Institute of National Security, and Center for State Maritime Security Analyses and Forecasts.


The faculty educates specialists for uniform-wearing services, organizations cortnected with crisis management and educatión in the area of teaching for security. At prezent the edu­cational offer comprises two courses of study: state maritime security and home security. During the first year of study students can choose from three specializations: state maritime secu­rity, education for security and public security. During the second year they can choose either crisis management or administration for security and public services. Following the agreements signed with a number of organizations in the administration, maritime industryand Ministry of Defense as well as Ministry of Home Affairs students are offered a wide range of stu­dent practical training. Studying at the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations under the agreement concluded between twelve schools in Poland and Chief Superintendent of Police, can constitute a preliminary stage training police officers.


The faculty of Command and Naval Operations offers post-graduate programs in the fields of state security, crisis management and public orders, Scientific progress can be continued at doctoral degree study. The Faculty of Command and Naval Operations Science Boarcf is authorized to award titles of doctor and doctor-upper level in the field of military sciences in the discipline of state maritime security.


The Faculty of Command and Naval Operations provides education to satisfy the needs of the Polish Navy. Its scientific-didactic cadre, mostly comprised of scientific authorities as well as excellent and experienced academic teachers develop concepts for use of naval forces,  which constitute the basis of operational and tactical actions. Naval command personnel, who in practice execute tasks related to the defense of the Polish maritime interests gain their specialist knowledge attending the post-graduate, qualification-development and improveement courses. Developing command and leadership qualities, making decisions, forecasting developments in political and military situation, potential threat assessment, calculating use of forces and resources are the basie tasks included in professional training curriculum. An important area of activity the Faculty is involved lin is to train officers  commissioned in service in the Polish Navy who are not graduates of the Polish Naval Acacfemy.  The presence of the Polish Navy in the NATO structures demands that didactic and researh efforts be made at both the national and allied levels. International cooperation is included in the activity of the Faculty, which involves multinational staff and command exercises as well as studies and analyses assessed in allied staffs. The leading research and development issues are as follows: contemporary rmfitary thought and operational art; state maritime security; defense-related state politics and its internal and allied dimensions; tactics and operational art of maritime forces; world terrorism and its effect on international security; cooperation of commands and staffs under crisis situations.


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